Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Assigning Default Catalog To User:

Assigning Default Catalog To User:

Environment: ATG10.0.2

Requirement: Displaying default catalog to the anonymous user/Logged in user.

Intended User: ATG Learner, Junior Developer

ATG10 doesn’t assign any default catalog to the customer by default, As a developer you need to assign default catalog to the user.

Steps to configure:

1.       Create /atg/commerce/catalog/CatalogTools  component in your module

2.       Add defaultCatalogId  property with default  catalogeId. (Ex:catalog12345)

3.       Create /atg/commerce/util/ContextValueRetriever component in your module

4.       Add  useProfile property with  true

5.       Assemble your ear ,Deploy and start the server

6.       Open dyd/admin

7.       Check your changes for the above components.

8.       You should see your changes instead of default values.

9.       Now you can access pages.


  1. Hi Swamy,
    In 3rd step you are mentioning to create a component.
    In ACC I am able to see that component then what is the need of creating that in my module?

    1. Hi Prateek,

      Just edit the component and assign useProfile=true


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